School Choice

Gabe starts kindergarten in the fall (What?!?!).  Look at this big guy and his sister!


We found out there is a charter school run out of the same church building where he currently attends for preschool and applied. There were more applicants than there were available spots, so he went into a lottery. We were notified this week his name was pulled and he is in!  We are very excited. Since it is a charter school, it is considered a public school, but it has smaller class sizes and more control over the curriculum than “regular” public schools. It has good reviews by parents online and test scores are average to above average.


I am most looking forward to buying the school supplies! (I’ll let you know if that changes when we actually have to get everything and I’m freaking out because I can’t find the right brand of notebook that is on the list.) Call me a nerd if you want, but the office supply aisle has always been my favorite. I love me a good pen!


I am also looking forward to seeing Gabe flourish. My husband Tim and I have gone back and forth trying to decide what we wanted to do in the area of schooling our kids. We both went through public school, but I have always been fascinated by the idea of homeschooling. We have several friends who homeschool and I can see what a blessing it can be. I also realize how much work it is and how much time and money it takes and with me working full-time right now it’s not really feasible for us. Tim and I are also not feeling as strongly convicted about it anymore. One reason is I have worked with Gabe on things like writing and reading and I lose my patience very easily. I am such a perfectionist it drives me a little crazy when he doesn’t listen. There is a reason why I majored in secondary education and not early childhood! I know if we decided to homeschool (which is not completely out of the question for later), I would grow as a mom and God would bless the decision if it was His will. But Gabe loves his preschool and does very well in that environment.


When you homeschool, the parent is 100% (or 99.9999%) in control of their child’s surroundings, what and who is (and is not) influencing them, and can easily incorporate their faith into the curriculum. However, Tim and I see the benefit of sending our kids to school and being very involved in what they are learning, who they are hanging out with, and helping them navigate this journey by using everything we can as an opportunity to talk about how our faith in God affects how we handle different situations. Our hope is also that they can be a good influence on others.  I went through 12 years of public school without doing anything “bad” or illegal because my closest friends, with the exception of a couple, were kids from church. Not that church kids are perfect, because we all know they are not, but I was so involved with church activities that I didn’t have time to “get into” anything else. Not to mention the fact I was (am) such a people pleaser that I would have rather died than get into any trouble.  (That is a blog post for another time!)


My point is, I don’t think one decision is “better” than another. We each have to do what works best for our kids and our family. My prayer is that God helps Tim and me to be the best teachers and examples for our sweet kids of how to love God and others and everything else will follow.





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  1. Glenda Thompson

    Loved the article. Everything you said makes sense. Gabe is doing well there and I’m so glad he has been blessed by being selected for the school. You and Tim are great parents!


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