This Valentine’s Day I decided to start a new tradition.  I gave my kids a HEART ATTACK!! (not the medical kind!)  I saw this idea on Facebook and thought it was really cute.

I cut hearts out of construction paper and taped them to Gabe and Jordan’s doors while they were asleep.  You could also do it on their beds but I didn’t want to risk waking them up.  Tim and I wrote on one heart for each of them the reasons we loved them.

Then, tonight I took some of the hearts and my plan was to have them write (or say) one reason why they love each person in the family.  It turned into Jordan coloring on her heart and Gabe writing “I love you”, “I love Jordan,” and “Love” on his hearts.

I did get Gabe’s three things:

“I love Daddy because he tickles me.”

“I love Mommy because she watches TV with me.”

“I love Jordan because she plays with me.”

I think his love language is quality time.  🙂

All in all it was a good day and I am happy to have a new family tradition.  I hope you were able to spend this Valentine’s Day with those you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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