A Milestone

This past weekend Tim and I went to a wedding for one of his childhood friends.  The wedding was in Massachusetts, so we had to fly and ticket prices being what they are, we could not afford to bring our kids with us.  They were well taken care of my by family in Texas and Tim and I were looking forward to the break.  However, ironically, all I could think of while we were away was, you guessed it, our kids!

Gabe is 5 and Jordan is 2 ½.  They keep us busy and drive us crazy but are also very cute, funny, and so smart.  There are times when I think back to when they were babies and feel sad that we do not have babies any more.  But I also really enjoy watching them grow and develop.  

Gabe did not say his first word until he was almost 2 years old.  One night I asked him, “What does a cow say?” and he replied, “Moo.”  We were THRILLED.  Our child, who we could tell was very intelligent, refused to speak.  He wouldn’t even try to repeat words when we talked to him. I taught him some sign language early on for words like milk, more, please, etc. and he would use those but then didn’t want to use the actual word when he got older.  He eventually came up with his own “Gabe-lish” that Tim and I understood but no one else had a clue what he was saying.  

This is an example of how he would “talk” at 18 months:

Eventually he started calling Tim “Dada” and I was “Ba ba”.  He loved Mickey Mouse but called him “Dickey”.  I would work with him and say, “MmmmmMickey,” and he would repeat, “MmmmmmmDickey!”  3 months after he turned 2 we got him evaluated through Early Intervention in our area and he started getting speech therapy once a week in our home. For free.  It worked wonders!!  Pretty soon I finally became, “Mama!”  

He also didn’t like us to sing.   He wanted us to sing at bedtime (only certain songs), he didn’t mind us singing at church, but in the car or at home was out of the question.  He would yell at us to “Stop!!”  He also would never sing in front of us, or do anything in front of us that showed us how smart he was (like reciting the alphabet.  I overheard him saying it one day in the other room but when I would ask him to do it for me later he refused).

Over the last couple of months, Gabe has loosened up and has started singing with music in the car, and will now sing with us at home. Jordan loves to sing and dance and I think that has helped him come out of his shell. This past weekend, my mom took a video of him singing “Jesus Loves Me” all by himself!!   The video (below) brought tears to my eyes.  I was so proud of him for having the confidence to do that because I knew he COULD do it.  

So, even though there are no more babies in our house, I am enjoying this stage of life and look forward to the future!